Tufts University - Video Series

THE SITUATION - Tufts University is a world-class institution of higher learning located in Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts. The school gives back to its community in many ways on a year-round basis. One example happens every September when Tufts hosts Community Day on its main quadrangle. Thousands of people show up for free food, music, entertainment, games, and most importantly the opportunity for local organizations to gain exposure and tell everyone what they’re all about.

THE GOAL - Tufts asked us to create a series of short videos to present to “Jumbo” alumni, corporate donors and other stakeholders to show what a great event Community Day is, and to inspire them to give generously so the University can continue being such a good neighbor.

WHAT WE DID - We filmed the entire event and interviewed dozens of people.  Then we created five short videos each showcasing a different aspect of what Tufts Community Day is all about.

RESULTS - Tufts is very happy with the videos.  They’ve received extremely positive feedback from their alumni, donors and other stakeholders.  They have achieved the intended effect in a jumbo-sized way.