Team Medford

“Medford’s Got Assets” 


Team Medford is a local initiative with a mission to provide information and support to families, schools, police, businesses, hospitals and other organizations serving Medford, and to take action around issues that effect the health of the community and its people.



We were asked to create an informational video to showcase the support systems available to parents (and students) in Medford in order to help raise healthy, well-adjusted children.



We conducted on-camera interviews with more than two dozen community leaders, along with footage of programs in action.  Then we edited more than eight hours of footage into a 30-minute video.  We constructed the video so that it could be broken down into seven short “chapters,” each highlighting a different topic.  



The videos were shown at local screenings and were placed on Team Medford’s website and social network channels.  The process of creating the video also helped establish relationships between participating organizations to create new initiatives together.