Video /Web Campaign



Opioid use has been on the rise for several years.  Treatment is available but the stigma of being seen as an opioid user is often a barrier that prevents people from seeking help.



The goal is three-fold: to inform the public that people suffering from substance use disorders are more than their addiction, to reduce stigma from non-opioid users, and to inform the public that stigma is a barrier to treatment.


The Mystic Valley Public Health Coalition created the hashtag #StigmaPreventsChange.  We worked with the MVPHC to create and film two videos and accompanying social media pieces which highlight the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with opioid use, and inform people that treatment is available.



The videos have been circulating on social media and shown in theaters in Woburn and Revere before Star Wars: Episode VII and Batman Vs. Superman.  They're doing their part to remove the stigma and help those suffering from substance use disorders to seek treatment.