Partnership for a Drug-Free America

TV & Radio

( Historical client )


The year was 2006. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA - now known as The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) was running the “Anti-Drug” campaign.



The PDFA wanted a campaign aimed at educating parents about the ways teens can be exposed to drugs and drug use through electronic media.  Facebook had just been made available to anyone over 13, and chatrooms and video games (of course) were popular with teens.



We created a startling TV and Radio ad campaign in which electronics speak to them not just figuratively, but literally, to inform parents about the ways teens used social media to chat with large groups from the privacy of their own homes.



The TV commercials ran during the NFL playoffs and the radio ads ran in selected large U.S. markets.  The campaign was credited with helping parents become more aware of their teens’ use of electronic and social media, and how to take action to help monitor teen behavior.