NAACP - #IAmAStatistic

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To increase self-confidence in young African-American men, and to change misconceptions often held about them.



We created an integrated multi-media/PR campaign along with the hashtag #IAmAStatistic for greater Boston’s Mystic Valley Area branch of the NAACP.  The campaign included a video, print/web visuals and press about the campaign in newspaper, television, web and radio news outlets.



We produced a startling 30-second video that presents surprisingly positive statistics about young African-American men.  Upon request, we provided copies of the video for regional showings as far away as San Francisco and Alaska, and the online video was co-opted by the NAACP’s national youth division.  Altogether we reached over 50,000 impressions without any paid media.



The video generated news stories in The Boston GlobeCNN.comNational Public Radio, and many more.       



We created web/print visuals to share on social media. 



The video and web image have been co-opted and shared thousands of times. Here are a few examples: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.

We didn’t make a dime with this effort.  Instead, we did something much more meaningful.   We initiated an important conversation about race and the accomplishments of young Black men.  We also gave 20 students from Medford, MA High School the opportunity to participate in the production of the PSA and to be a part of this important conversation.   Many of them even said they were surprised by the positive statistics about themselves... first-hand proof that it worked.