Medford Vocational Technical High School

Recruitment Video


Medford Vocational Technical High School is in a transformational process.   Even though the buildings are adjoining, the school has been a completely separate entity from Medford High School for literally decades.  But now the two are being integrated one year at a time.  Starting in 2014, incoming freshman can now take traditional classes as well as coursework in specific fields of study such as engineering, cosmetolgy, marketing, robotics and many more.  By the 2017-2018 school year, all students will be able to take classes in each school.



The Voc Tech wanted to get the word out to students coming from middle school that the entire curriculum is now open to them.  They were likely not aware of this as the two high schools have operated completely independently of each other since their parents were in school.



We created a recruitment video to be shown to graduating 8th-graders so they could learn about the newly-available programs at the Voc Tech.  We conducted on-camera interviews with educators, students, graduates and community business partners to tell in their own words the value of attending classes at the school.  We also filmed classes in action so incoming students could see the kinds of classes and training available to them.



The “new Voc Tech” is off to a great start, and the courses and programs are showing real signs of success!  The school is becoming known as a magnet throughout eastern Massachusetts.