Medford Saves

Logo / Brochure / Billboard


In 2014, CACHE in Medford (a non-profit organization) partnered with local businesses to produce Medford Saves, a discount program that allowed card-holders to save over $2,000 at 50 local businesses.



We designed a logo with an image of a piggy bank to reinforce the message of saving by participating in the program.  We also designed an accompanying one-page tri-fold brochure with a list of all the participating businesses and their offers, as well as a billboard and signs for participating retailers to display in their store windows.



The program was a success on many levels.  People used the discount cards at local businesses, sometimes recouping the cost of the card’s purchase at a single business.  Local businesses gained new customers and saw an increase in repeat customers.  And it all came full-circle as CACHE in Medford raised substantial funds which were then used to finance events for the benefit of Medford residents and businesses.