Donovan Sheet Metal - "Non-Corporate" Video


As one of New England’s leading installers of industrial scale HVAC systems, Donovan Sheet Metal (DSM) sometimes encounters an installation job so massive that non-traditional methods become part of the process. That was the case when DSM had to get three 2,200-pound units to the middle of a 13-acre roof covered with hundreds of rows of delicate solar panels.

So they hired CHI Aviation of Howell, MI to fly in a Sikorsky S-61 helicopter crane to lift the massive HVAC units to the middle of the roof, hundreds of feet in.



DSM knew from experience that the process would be an impressive showcase of their installation work. So they asked us to film the whole job and create a “how it’s done” video. They wanted the video to be less like a commercial and more like a TV show.



With a five-camera set-up, including two-cameramen (one on the ground and one on the roof), and a camera mounted inside the helicopter’s cockpit, we covered every aspect of the job and the result is an exciting and thorough video of Donovan Sheet Metal’s installation process, including the dangers and attention to detail involved.