Chase Corporation

Catalog / Photography


Chase Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial strength coatings, tapes and sealants.  It had been more than a decade since they last created a unified catalog of their products, and in that time many new products were added and many older products were discontinued.  So there was a great need to organize all their products into one cohesive catalog as a tool for their sales people, as well as existing repeat customers.



We were asked to create a catalog in the form of a three-ring binder.  It had to be rugged enough to withstand being thumbed through in harsh conditions (by customers literally working in the field).  It also needed to be attractive and organized so as to present the products in a positive light.



We used their logo as the basis for the design and took advantage of elements of the logo to direct customers’ eyes toward the labelled tabs in the binder.



Now the Chase Corporation has the most attractive and well-organized catalog in the industry, the logo is recognized more than ever, and sales are brisk.